Clinical and Diagnostics

We provide in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturers with raw materials, equipment and services for their development, scale-up and manufacturing needs.

Emerging Biotech

We help our customers overcome the challenges along the way.

Environmental Testing

We provide testing solutions that accurately analyze air, water and soil to meet international regulatory standards.

Food and Beverage

As the global population continues to grow, and regulations for food safety change, our customers look to us for reliable testing.

Government & Academic Research

We empower researchers to accelerate and translate basic discoveries into practical applications in human health and beyond.


Manufacturing and distributing quality products and services in an everchanging and competitive world is a challenge that we help our customers tackle.

Pharma and Biopharma Manufacturing

Alongside pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturers, we help make life-enhancing drugs a reality.

Pharmaceutical Research

Delivering potential new medicines is more challenging and complex than ever but at Merck, we are dedicated to accelerating drug discovery.

Pharma Quality Control

We collaborate, assist and partner with pharmaceutical professionals to enable workflow solutions and scientifically-informed choices at every stage of drug development.